ISACA Asia CACS 2020

December 11, 2020

ISACA Asia CACS 2020

Virtual Event

Come December this year – The Chennai Chapter of ISACA is bringing in a tectonic shift into cyberspace security, enhancing the importance of technology in today’s scenario.

Technology is a body of knowledge devoted to creating solutions, automating the processes which redefines business.
The term ‘Technology’ was amassed from time to time and everyone has their own perception of the word.
We use technology to extend our abilities, making people the most crucial part of any IT system.
This has led enterprises to adopt a more aggressive approach – The Zero Trust. This involves cultural shift, technological enablement and process reengineering.

The Zero Trust approach relies on various existing technologies and governance processes to accomplish its mission of securing the enterprise IT environment.

ISACA Chennai Chapter engages with experts to channelize their abilities for processing and structuring knowledge and helping organizations accomplish their mission of Zero Trust Strategy.