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Founders’ Day 2023

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March 4, 2023 @ 6:00 pm IST - 8:00 pm IST


Founders’ day – the inimitable celebration of the Chennai Chapter. The day for each of us to gather as friends and families, recall our founders’ contribution and enjoy a session of general interest is here.
Founders’ Day is scheduled on March 4th (Saturday) and agenda is below:

5:30 PM: Registration and Networking
5:45 PM – Welcome Address by Chapter President
5:50 PM: Address by a Senior Member of our Chapter Founders
6:00 PM: First Guest Talk by Ms. Archana Raghuram on the topic Hidden Science in Art
6:50 PM: Second Guest Talk by Mr. Arvind Ashok on the topic Importance of Sleep and tips to improve.
7:40 PM: Vote of Thanks by Hon Secretary
7:45 PM: Open Air Dinner

About the Talk

  1. Hidden Science in Art:  What does Nataraja have to do with Crab supernova? Why is there an idol of Nataraja in CERN, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world? How is Gangadhara related to the Orion constellation? What astronomical points in space do Rahu and kethu represent? Did you know that Kolams contain mathematical concepts like symmetry, fractals and infinity. Did you know that our ancient scholars developed a technique for encoding mathematics in poetry.
  2. Importance of Sleep and tips to improve: In my 11 years of coaching, if there was one foundational habit on which everything – maintaining the fitness habit, reducing sugar cravings, handling work-life balance, reducing stress, improving health – hinges upon, it is in sleeping better. And unfortunately, with every passing year, sleep habits, sleep quantity and sleep quality are trending in the wrong direction. It is time to take a stance and prioritise our sleep. I will show you how you can fix your sleep!

About the Speaker

  1. Archana Raghuram:  A YouTuber, Former CEO, United Way Chennai. Former Senior Director Cognizant. After her stint in Cognizant, she headed as international nonprofit called United Way Chennai, as its Executive Director and CEO. After nearly 25 years in corporate world, she started her YouTube channel to share her knowledge on subjects she is passionate about. She also writes articles on philosophy and life skills. She is a frequent contributor to the Life Positive Magazine. Archana is a B. E. Computer Science graduate and a rank holder from the University of Madras. Archana has completed an executive management program on sustainable business and corporate responsibility from Swedish Institute. She was one of the 25 people selected for sponsorship by Swedish Institute from applicants all over India.   Archana has worn many hats. She was the Global head of Cognizant’s Volunteering program, which grew to become the world’s largest corporate volunteering program, under her leadership. She won national and international recognition for this achievement. She was awarded the prestigious Forbes India Philanthropy Award in the ‘Good Samaritan’ category by the Forbes India Magazine. She was honored as “one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business” by a leading US publication, Fast Company. The Brew magazine recognized her as an Outstanding women achiever in her chosen field. She has spoken at TEDx Hindustan University on “The Art of Volunteering.”  Archana Raghuram has been running a You Tube channel called Temples, Books and Science for the past three years.  On this channel she shares her knowledge on subjects she is very passionate about, Hindu philosophy, temples, science, and books. She has a talent for connecting disparate subjects like quantum physics and Vedanta, the movie matrix and its hidden advaithic symbolism.
  2. Arvind Ashok:  Arvind is one of the founders of The Quad, a pioneer fitness coaching company, based in Madras. He has coached 100s of people on fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, habit change, sleep, and better health for the past 11 years. He is a proponent of looking at the long-term, rather than short-term fixes. Of making slow, sustainable change that’s suited to each individual.

Note: Founders’ Day event is non-CPE event.


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March 4, 2023
6:00 pm IST - 8:00 pm IST
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