FAIR Model Workshop

 Workshop Description

The FAIR Model workshop is designed to help participants to gain a good understanding of

  • FAIR Model, Terminology, and ontology
  • Understand Cyber Risk in different scenarios
  • Quantifying Cyber Risk using FAIR model in different scenarios

The workshop involves leveraging the practical experience of participants in analyzing the day-to-day scenarios and applying the FAIR Model to quantify Cyber Risk compared to using only qualitative approaches.


The following are the key takeaways for the workshop participants:

  • Significance and superiority of the FAIR Model over other quantitative risk management techniques
  • Challenges involved when applying the FAIR Model
  • Experiential learning on Cyber Risk quantification in different scenarios

Target Audience

  • Participants with experience in the following areas
    • Risk Management
    • Cybersecurity
    • Compliance with various standards
    • Threat intelligence

Duration: 8 Hours


  • Gain awareness and understanding of the FAIR Model and its different components Understand, how to apply the FAIR model for quantifying risk in different scenarios
  • Gain valuable insights into different perspectives of peers / workshop participants on Cyber Risk and different relevant contexts

 Pre-requisites (recommended)

  • Experience of working in Risk Management / Cybersecurity areas
  • Good understanding of
    • Incident Response process / activities
    • Cybersecurity Ecosystem
    • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Exposure to Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Basic understanding of FAIR Model and its components


  • Laptop with MS Teams
  • Internet connectivity
  • Flip Charts, Markers
  • Beamer

Michael Kullmann

  • Co-Founder – Next Edge Technologies GmbH, a consulting services company based in Frankfurt, Germany
  • A long-time consultant, certified trainer and coach with 25+ years of experience who knows how to inspire his customers and training participants for new topics and approaches.
  • He worked for global Consultancies in helping Finance & Banking, Automotive, Software, Pharma and other industries and branches to improve their processes, efficiency and resilience as well as to apply modern work culture.
  • His main areas of expertise are ITIL incl. IT Security and IT Service Continuity /Business Continuity, Risk Management, Agile, and DevOps.

Uma Mudigonda

  • Founder:  RHYM Technologies LLP – a cyber security platform and services company based in Hyderabad, India
  • Co-Founder – Next Edge Technologies GmbH, a consulting services company based in Frankfurt, Germany
  • ISACA Member holding CGEIT Certification and held CISA Certification in the past
  • An entrepreneur and business leader with more than three decades of experience in Information Technology industry. Having worked in multi-cultural environments across the globe.
  • His expertise is helping customer build resilient business with cybersecurity solutions and using artificial intelligence for business problem solving, as well as delivering large consulting and transformation programmes.