Frequently Asked Questions

CISA Examination – General Questions

1. Who can write this exam?

This exam is open to all individuals who have interest in Information System Auditing, understanding and evaluating Information Systems Controls and Information Security Domains.

2. What qualification does one need to write this exam?

There are no prerequisite qualification or experience requirements to write the exam. However getting certified as a CISA requires satisfactory completion of pre-requisites for certification.

3. Is there a way I can perform a self-assessment to determine my strengths and weaknesses for taking up the Exam?

Yes, You can go through the Job practice areas and the detailed task and knowledge statements and also take the sample CISA Examination that is available at Home-> Assurance -> CISA Certification -> Exam -> CISA Self Assessment.

4. Can I know the exam format and the duration?

CISA exam is a closed book exam which consists of 200 multiple choice questions administered over a continuous 4 hour session. Most of the questions are focused on practical issues of the IS Audit.

5. How frequently is this exam held?

CISA exam is held on the second Saturday of June and December every year.

6. Is this an on-line examination?

No, as of now the CISA examination is not offered online. You can take the exam from any one of the 16 test centers in India or at over 200 centers overseas.

7. What are the locations in India from which I can take the examination?

For the December Exam, there are 16 notified exam centers in India. You can find the updated list of examination sites at : Assurance->Certification->Exam.

8. What does the CISA exam cover?

CISA exam cover six IS Audit, Control or Security areas called Job Practice Areas. Each area is further defined and detailed task and knowledge statements are available. For more information, please refer CISA Job Practice Areas.

9. I have heard that CISA is tough exam. May I know the success rate?

The CISA exam being tough or otherwise highly depends on your ability to understand Information System Assets, the risks involved, controls implemented and the audit procedures. Hence the conceptual clarity of the subject, understanding the question situation from the practical stand-point and choosing most suitable answer for that situation is always important.

The indicative passing turnout rate varies from 40% to 60%. However, this primarily depends on your preparation, conceptual clarity and ability to choose an appropriate answer for the given situation.

Exam Registration and Administration

1. When will I receive my exam results?

The exam results will be released by a one-time pass/fail status and score notifications email generally in early August for June exams and early February for December exams to those who consented to item #25 on the registration form and do not have a balance due on their exam fee. To ensure the confidentiality of scores, exam results will not be reported by telephone, fax or email other than the one-time pass/fail status and score notifications email. The hard copy result letters will also be sent out around the same dates.

2. What is the date of the next CISA exam?

Click on this link to know the information

3. When does registration begin for the next exam?

Click on this link:

4. What is the registration deadline of the next exam and what are the fees?

Refer to the Bulletin of Information in this link:

5. Is it necessary to become a member to register for the exam?

No, membership is optional, however it is highly recommended to become a member. There are significant benefits of members that include significant discounts in Exam Registration fee, access to valuable knowledge resources on K-NET, discounts for exam review courses, monthly meetings, seminars and workshops, e-symposiums etc.

6. What benefits do I receive, if I become a member and write CISA exam?

Please click on this attachment to know the details.

For more information, please visit:

7. Do I receive an acknowledgement for CISA exam registration?

Yes, an e-mail acknowledgment of the CISA exam registration, exam test site and exam language will be sent to the registrants shortly after the completed processing of the registration form. Please review the exam registration details carefully and contact the Certification Department at for any corrections or changes.

8. Can I take the CISA and CISM exams on the same day?

The CISA and CISM exams will be held simultaneously; therefore, they cannot be taken on the same day.

9. I have already registered and I am unable to take the exam due to some reasons. Is there a way to seek cancellation of my application for the exam and get refund?

Yes, you can send your request through The date before which such a request should be made and the amount charged for this can be obtained CISA Bulletin of Information at

10. I have already registered and I am unable to take the exam for which I registered due to some reasons. Is there way to seek deferral of my application for the exam?

Yes, candidates unable to take the exam can request a deferral of their registration fees to the next exam date. Yes, you can send your request through The date before which such a request should be made and the amount charged for this can be obtained CISA Bulletin of Information at

11. Is it possible to defer the exam more than once? If so, how many times?

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of times an individual defers their exam. Please note each time you defer there will be a fee.  Candidates unable to take the exam can request a deferral of their registration fees to the next exam date. There are certain dates for each exam before which a deferral is to be requested. The deferral fees is also dependent on the date of request. To request a deferral, please go to to complete the process.  The exam and deferral fees are nonrefundable

Exam Preparation

1. What materials do I need to prepare for CISA exam?

ISACA offers study materials (paper back or CD format) in preparation for the CISA exam. For more information, please visit

2. I have already registered for the CISA exam; do I get a copy of the CISA study material along with my registration confirmation?

No, the fee collected for the CISA exam does not include any study materials. The candidates shall buy them at their own will by visiting the ISACA bookstore at

3. Will the materials relating to one year exam still be valid for the exam for the next year?

The CISA Review Manual is continuously reviewed every year, it is highly recommended that you use the latest manual.

4. Does ISACA Chennai chapter offer any coaching for CISA aspirants?

Yes, ISACA Chennai chapter conducts CISA Review Course to aid and assist candidates in preparing for the CISA exams at the chapter premises. These review classes are conducted on Sundays spread over 12 weekends.

The details of the course can be found on the Chennai Chapter Website at

5. Does ISACA Chennai chapter offer any crash course for people like me who cannot afford to spend 12 weekends?

Yes, ISACA Chennai chapter also offers a 4-day crash course for both June and December exams. The crash course would always follow the regular review course which is conducted for 12 weekends

The 4-day spread could be as follows:

Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Tuesday or Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday

The details of the next Crash Course can be found on the Chennai Chapter Website at

6. How much does the Review Course cost and how can I pay?

ISACA Chennai chapter offers the review course at a nominal price of Rs.6,000/- for ISACA members and Rs.7,000/- for Nonmembers.

In favor of: ISACA Chennai Chapter
Mode of Payment: Local Cheque or Demand Draft
Payable at: Chennai

7. Who are the course faculty?

The CISA Review course conducted by over 12 highly experienced CISA certified professionals, who share their practical insights. The Chapter is able to offer the course at nominal costs since leading professionals selflessly volunteer to offer their valuable time for sharing their experience and knowledge with CISA aspirants. This makes Chennai CISA Review courses are highly recognized for its effectiveness and quality.

8. How can I register for the next CISA review course?

You can register for the CISA review course:

A) By registering personally at our ISACA Chennai Chapter office

Mr. K. Kulasekaran, Office Manager
ISACA  Chennai Chapter
#15, Ground Floor, Luz Golden Enclave
(TNHB Complex Next to Kamadhenu Theatre)
180/4 Luz Church Road, Mylapore,
Chennai 600004
Ph-044-24984331 (Available between 2 PM and 7 PM except Tuesdays)

B) Send in your completed registration form (Available at along with your payment to the above mentioned address.

C) If you wish to know more about the course, e-mail to or or

9. Do I get any study material for the CISA review course?

Yes, the Chennai chapter would provide all registered candidates with hardcopy of Powerpoint presentations offered by the ISACA Headquarters in spiral bound format (softcopy is not provided).

10. Is the CISA review course material provided by the chapter adequate for me to prepare for the exam?

No, the material provided during the CISA review course is a refresher and would come handy during the classroom session. However, the chapter strongly recommends the CISA aspirants to get a copy of the CISA Review Manual (latest version), that can be ordered online from isaca bookstore at

Since CISA exam is focused on practical issues of the IS Audit, it is recommended that aspirant exercise due care in selecting the additional reading materials which are referred in

11. Can I get a copy of the CISA Review Manual (CRM) from the Chennai chapter?

No, the Chennai chapter is not authorized to sell or distribute the CISA Review Manual (CRM). The CISA Review Manual can be ordered online from isaca bookstore at

12. I was not an ISACA member while registering for the CISA review course, but now I have become a member while attending the CISA Review course. Can I get a refund of the member discount of Rs.1000/-?

Yes, ISACA Chennai chapter would refund Rs.1000/-. You can register your claim with Mr. K. Kulasekaran, Office Manager at our chapter office by submitting your proof of ISACA membership (valid membership number). Upon verification, you would receive the refund.

The mode of refund is always by A/c Payee Cheque drawn on your Bank Account.

The above refund process is valid only within period when you are attending the last scheduled technical session of the CISA review course at Chennai Chapter

13. I have registered for the CISA review course. However would like defer to the next crash course due to some difficulties?

Deferment is not generally encouraged. However deferred is permitted in genuine circumstances on a case-to case basis and at the sole discretion of ISACA, Chennai. Before preferring your request for deferment, it is highly recommended that you discuss your case with the CISA Coordinator or the Director-Certification

14. Is there a way for me to know more about ISACA Chennai chapter and its activities?

ISACA Chennai Chapter Overview
The Chennai chapter was the first chapter to be established in India and the 99th chapter internationally. It was founded on 5 February 1989 by a few eminent professionals. From a handful of CISAs the chapter has now grown to over 800 members. The actual number of CISAs and CISMs who come under the jurisdiction of the chapter is more because some non-member CISAs and CISMs work in and around Chennai. Since then the chapter has been actively involved in promoting the objectives of ISACA and sponsoring various professional development activities.
For more information, please visit our Chapters home page

Certification Requirements

1. What are the qualifications to earn the CISA credential?

Qualifying for CISA requires a combination of four’e’s : experience, ethics, education and exam. Specifically, the requirements are:
Earn a passing score on the CISA exam
Adhere to the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics
Commit to abide by the CISA Continuing Professional Education Policy
A minimum of five years of professional information systems auditing, control or security work experience (as described in the job practice areas) is required for certification. Substitutions and waivers of such experience may be obtained if certain education and general IS or audit experience requirements are met.

2. Where can I find the CISA application for certification?

CISA applications are located at Please be aware that there are two different applications available depending upon the year that you passed the exam.

3. What does the CISA continuing professional education program require?

In order to become and remain a CISA an individual must agree to comply with the CISA continuing professional education program. This program requires an individual to earn a minimum of twenty (20) hours annually and one hundred twenty (120) hours every three years of continuing professional education. In addition, an annual maintenance fee of US $40 ISACA member and US $75 non-member is required.

4.How can I earn CPE credits online?

ISACA members can earn CPE hours by taking and passing an Information Systems Control Journal CPE Quiz online. One CPE hour is awarded per quiz. ISACA members may also earn CPEs online by participating in e-symposia. The e-symposia are offered live each month or may be accessed on demand via the archives. For more information, please go to In order to claim the CPE hours (generally 3 hours per e-symposia), a passing score must be earned on the quiz.

5. What do I need to do if I’ve received an audit notice for my CPE hours?

If you have received an audit notice, please follow the steps provided to you in the letter to comply with the audit. When submitting your documentation, please note that it should be in the form of a letter, certificate of completion, attendance roster or Verification of Attendance form (located at
At a minimum, each record should include the name of the attendee, name of the sponsoring organization, activity title, activity description, activity date, and the number of continuing professional education hours awarded or claimed. Please submit photocopies, as the documents will not be returned.

6. I’ve submitted the documentation for the audit of my CPE hours. When will I receive a confirmation?

If any additional information is required or there are questions regarding your documentation, we will contact you directly. Once your documentation has been reviewed and approved, a notice will be sent to you. If you have not been contacted or received notification of compliance from the certification department by 31 July 2007, please contact us.

7. What do I need to do if I’ve received a revocation notice?

If you have received a revocation notice, please contact

8. What is the process for getting Certified?

An Application for Certification is sent to all successful CISA Candidates alongwith the communication of the exam results. Application for certification can be preferred after if you satisfy the pre-requisites for certification. The pre-requisites for certification can be found in the Candidates guide to CISA Examination or at : Certification

9. Is the Certification is valid for life time?

No. Certification is valid only for calendar year and further renewal is subject to conditions that include payment of Annual Certification Fee and satisfactory completion of CPE Requirements. For details visit Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in ISACA website.

Other Queries

1. How do I request additional information or report an issue regarding a current or past credential holder?

To request additional information or to report an issue regarding a current or past credential holder, please contact CISA certification department:

Tel: +1.847.660.5660
Fax: +1.847.253.1443

2. How can I become a CISA Exam Item Writer?

You can visit and apply online to become a CISA Exam Item Writer


“You can visit and apply online to become a CISA Exam Item Writer
“The above information is as per the details provided by ISACA at and our experience. However information contained in is final and binding. Kindly refer to for complete details.”